Why Choose Mpac

Considering Mpac? Here’s some facts to consider.

Best people

With a mix of youth and experience, we have the best of both worlds and a wider range of skills and experience to call on which leads to higher productivity. Our entire team is absolutely dedicated to getting the very best result for our growers.

Best facilities

We have the largest and most technologically advanced post-harvest facility in New Zealand. It was specifically designed to create the most efficient packing line possible. Fruit travels 300m in a straight line from one end of our 55,000m² facility to the other.

Unrivalled pack price

Our highly productive team and efficient operation is less costly to run so we can offer you the sharpest possible price. Mpac is renowned for its grower-friendly packing price. To find out more contact us.

Optimising pack out

We have two state-of-the-art MAF Roda and Compac cameras. The second camera screens class two fruit to ensure they shouldn’t be class one so you’re guaranteed to get maximum value from your crop.

Fair and equitable system

We operate daily KiwiStart pools so everyone cleared to pick will receive the best and fairest possible rate regardless of when their fruit is physically packed. Our time pool is split 75/25 (75 pool, 25 grower) which allows our team to maximise storage earnings, rewarding growers in our high performing pool.

Pay only for what you need

You won’t be forced to share re-pack costs with other growers. If you’ve produced good fruit that doesn’t need repacking, you won’t be charged a cent.

Optimal conditions

Temperature and humidity control throughout our bin curing, CA, packhouse, pre-cooler and coolstore not only provides the perfect conditions to look after your fruit, it eliminates problems caused by field heat and humidity such as fruit stickers not adhering. Our two 1600m² curing rooms each hold 6000 bins so your fruit will be in the best environment from the moment it arrives, regardless of picking conditions.

Freedom to choose

We don’t lock you into long-term contracts or share arrangements. If we don’t perform, there’s no obligation to stay. We work hard to ensure our results speak for themselves.

Room for growth

Our packhouse sits on an elevated 65,000m² site and is the largest single site in the entire Lakes development. We have adequate land to cater for future expansion, and planning is underway for our Stage 5 Coolstore facility.

Automation Upgrade

Our fully automated packing line has been operating since the start of the 2023 season. With automated tray making, bag inserting, box filling, box closing, single layer packing, stack and strapping, making it the industry’s most technologically advanced and automated packing line, we’ve built the future for your fruit.

If you’d like to talk about your packing options or book a site tour give us a call, we’re always more than happy to show growers around.


Tim Crossman

E: timc@mpac.co.nz
P: 027 894 4320